Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) fruit concentrated juice • Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) stem d.e. std. 250 GDU/g 1221mg/4070mg, Bromelain from Pineapple 306GDU/1020GDU • Acidifier: Citric Acid • Flavour • Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) stem d.e. std. 2500GDU/g 279mg/930mg, Bromelain from Pineapple 699GDU/2333GDU • Stabilized: Amidated pectin, Xanthan gum • Sweetener: Sucralose • Antioxidant: Sodium benzoate • Preservative: Potassium sorbate. The phytoextracts are supported on maltodextrins with no gluten, allergens or GMO.


Dilute and mix 1 stick-pack (10ml) in a glass of water (200ml). Drink it after every meal, three times a day. Delight yourself with the sweet taste of a juicy pineapple and its slimming efficacy.


Super Piñapple® is…

• SUPER EFFECTIVE with Bromelain from pineapple [hyperlink?] with a declared activity of 334 GDU*, equal to that contained in ¼ of a pineapple to get a daily dose of 1000 GDU of bio-active Bromelain.
• SUPER SLIMMING with no added sugar, but only sucralose: the zero-calorie sweetener. Savour the authentic taste of pineapple juice and the concentrated slimming effect.
• SUPER PRACTICAL in handy single-serving stick-packs, ready tobe diluted in a glass of water. Stick-packs have been designed to be carried in any bag or even in your pocket. Thanks to the compact design of the box and the drawer-style opening that makes it easy to get the stick-packs out, you can keep Super Piñapple® in your drawer at work or at home, next to the coffee machine: two of the most important places in our everyday life.


Drains, defines and slims your shape
Pineapple has renowned slimming properties, it helps fight water retention and skin blemishes as cellulite, while it also helps to fight bloating, heaviness and digestive difficulties. ZUCCARI’s Functional Food Division has made Super Piñapple®, which has the same pleasant flavour of the natural juice and it’s enriched with Bromelain (proteolytic enzime) dry extract. Super Piñapple® turns to be as effective as a food supplement while keeping fresh fruit features. One stick-pack at the end of the meal will assure a load of sweetness! Super Piñapple® fits everyone’s need because it’s low-carb, with no sugar added, gluten free, GMO free and allergen free.
*sugar naturally contained.


What is bromelain?
Bromelain is an enzyme naturally present in fresh pineapple fruit.
Its bio-activity is measured and expressed in GDU. ZUCCARI commissioned an independent laboratory to analyse the 3 most common and popular varieties of pineapple on the market today: Smooth Cayenne, Queen and Gold (Extra sweet). From this study, it was possible to identify the average enzymatic bio-activity of Bromelain, naturally contained in the fresh fruit, in terms of GDU. The results show 1GDU/g in the pineapple stem and 3GDU/g in the pulp. ZUCCARI also conducted research into the average consumption of pineapple after a meal, identifying it as a portion equal to ¼ of a pineapple, whose edible portion is approximately 111g, in turn containing 334GDU.


boosts your natural defences
with the feeling of freshly
squeezed oranges
helps combat physical and mental
with the sensuality
of a cup of coffe.
replenishes magnesium and
like a just-opened coconut,
enriched with creatine
supports whole body well-being
with vitamins and minerals that you only
could find in a home-made smoothie.


ZUCCARI’s Functional Food Division is the department devoted to study and develop products able to contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. The Functional Food Division is dedicated to providing alternative solutions to make nature healthier and more active, available for everyone: preserved, effective, tasty and convenient. ZUCCARI is a modern structured company established in 1995 in Trent (ITALY), now a top-of-mind Brand for quality food supplements and natural cosmetics. ZUCCARI’s mission is to spread well-being through its products and to make consumers well-aware of what they purchase: that’s why our respect towards customers encourages them to become real experts. To make products that represent a solution for consumers’ needs, stuffing them with natural actives and supporting them with clinical documents that prove their efficacy. Every single product is unique due to exclusive patents: a way to protect our reliability, our customers’ image and, last but not least, our consumers’ well-being.


Selected at source as, before processing the product, our company only works with suppliers that protect the raw material and ensure its functionality.
Processed respecting its bio-activity, in order to protect its innate characteristics and amplify their positive impact on the body.
Guaranteed through titration, i.e. the measurement of the active ingredients present in the raw material at the time of packaging, in quantities that are always functional for the body.
Safe, healthy and suitable for all because ZUCCARI’s philosophy means we do not use GMOs, added sugar, gluten or other allergens.
Convenient thanks to innovative packaging that turn food supplements into a daily pleasure.

Contemporary nutrition seems to be rich, but very often, behind that lively appearance, there are poor features hiding. Quantity is increasing, quality is diminishing. This happens because of our need to make everything fast: intensive farming, genetic engineering and industrial disrespectful manufacturing has turned daily diet into a habit that doesn’t meet our body needs. The purpose of this processes is to satisfy a huge number of people in the shortest time as possible, but making people feeling satisfied is not the same as nurturing them. Recently consumers, aware of these trends, have started asking something more: a return to food in the highest sense of the term, without sacrificing convenience (an essential feature nowadays).

Some examples of Functional Foods are:
• Foods whose natural activities are protected and enhanched by the same principle that is already present (orange juice with C-Vitamin or spinach with Iron).
• Foods which, in addition to having their natural activities safeguarded, have added noble principles deriving from other dietary sources (yogurt with prebiotic fibres from plant sources, milk with Omega3 from fish sources)


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